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Representation of companies’ interests 

The LICB represents its clients’ interests in commercial dialogues both in Lithuania and Indonesia. This is achieved through participation in conferences, forums and joint meetings with government, diplomatic and business leaders.

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Business networking

LICB companies strengthen their business through up-to-date information and business networking and belong to a business community with significant knowledge and contacts in Lithuania and Indonesia.

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Solidity, prestige and reputation

LICB partnership gives your company solidity and prestige. It also confirms the company’s good reputation, which is important in finding partners and collaboration opportunities.

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Special events and invitations

As a client of LICB, you will receive regular invitations to business meetings, seminars and discussions. Scheduled events can take place both live and using online platforms.

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We offer our medical tourism clients high-quality medical services in Lithuania. We specialize in plastic surgery, cosmetology and dentistry - what is most in-demand and relevant for our clients. We also offer our clients rehabilitation after surgeries or SPA programs for those who want just to relax from everyday worries.

We combine services with the discovery of the country and rest in Lithuania - after the performed medical procedures, at the request of the client, we offer individual excursions to the most beautiful places in Lithuania. We focus on individual customers and small customer groups, so we can provide VIP service 24/7.

Plane tickets, accommodation, consultations with doctors, leisure - we will take care of everything, and all you have to do is enjoy your stay in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. More information:


The accelerating pace of life, the abundance of work, life, science ... and there is no time left for yourself.


Travel Oasis offers all travel and holiday organization services - sells group trips and organizes individual itineraries, book hotels, arranges car rental, search and sale of air tickets, travel insurance, ferry and train tickets, airport/hotel transfers. Based in Lithuania.

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SMAILING TOUR & TRAVEL is the leading travel management and lifestyle company in Indonesia, offering 24-hour service, business process consulting, and also travel policy analysis and control. Providing great supplier advice and consulting with 24/7 travel tracking service and emergency assistance and equipped with integrated international and domestic flight reservation and quick delivery system, cater both first class and budget travellers.


For 46 years Smailing Tour has maintained its position in the list of top five travel agents in Indonesia. We are the leaders in the sense that we have always been innovative and known to be trendsetters in introducing new products and services.



  • Ticketing


  • Hotel reservation


  • Tour Packages


  • Travel Document


  • Transportation


  • Private Jet & Yacht Charter


  • VIP Airport Handling


  • Meeting Incentive Convention and Exhibition (MICE)


  • Special Event Management


  • Corporate Travel service


  • Other services related to travel


   For more information:


We are engaged in the selection, procurement, processing, trading and supply of various spices from Indonesia to the global market in a Sustainable way. Our business activities includes origin selection, transporting, sortation, hand-picking automated grading,  packing and export of single spices - Nutmeg, Mace, Cloves and Cassia.

For more information:

+31 6 28940538



Mr. Kubiliukas - leisure entertainment at your home. New mobile hot tub for various celebrations, leisure and entertainment. This is a SPA in your backyard.

The new state-of-the-art equipment will provide maximum comfort and the sound system with amplifier installed in the tub will allow you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of sounds. Based in Lithuania.


In the development of the business company sees the opportunity of processing coconut shell charcoal to be used as briquettes for shisa, barbeque, etc and since then in 2016 began to establish a briquette processing plant with a current production capacity of 2 tons per day in order to meet the needs of coconut charcoal briquettes to the countries of the middle east and Europe.

In the subsequent development of coconut-based products company always is trying to look at other opportunities for diversification of these coconut products for other industrial needs.

For more information: or 

+62 81 6166 0856

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Retail company based in Yogyakarta that has been operating since the ’70s. Our focus is providing various daily needs for Yogyakarta citizens.  We are looking for an opportunity to work with daily needs producers to offer more option of high-quality products for our customers. For more information 

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